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Saturday, June 15, 2013

movie + drama + buletin + anugerah blockbuster II.. jom nonton

sean connery adalah bekas pelakon 'James Bond'
di usia mudanya... but i prefer the old Sean..hehehe

1st Hero - Sean Connery... jatuh hati sudah dengan lakonannya di usia senja.....

1st Hero - sean connery + 2nd - nicolas cage in "The Rock"

3rd Hero ED Harris...sian di akhir cerita dia mati.... :(

Michael Bay’s films have become known for their over-the-top action, show-stopping stunts, first-rate special effects, and overall big budget blockbuster feel. The Rock helped create that impression, being one of his more impressive films, despite the overly corny dialogue and Nicolas Cage’s hokey performance. The inclusion of Sean Connery and nonstop action sequences allow The Rock to be solid entertainment more often than not, and an influential framework for future action extravaganzas. When half the city lay in ruin after the first few minutes of the film (completely unnecessarily I might add), you know it’s a Michael Bay film.
Brigadier General Francis Hummel (Ed Harris) breaks into a weapons facility to steal V-X gas, an incredibly deadly nerve agent that he intends to discharge via rockets. Setting up an elaborate scheme to gain the attention of the United AStates government, he takes over Alcatraz prison along with hostages and a 40-hours-to-comply ultimatum. What he seeks is recognition and fairness for the soldiers who fought alongside him in Desert Storm – along with money and an escape vehicle.

The officials won’t allow such a terrorist threat, so prisoner John Mason (Sean Connery), a former SAS operative and escape artist who successfully broke out of Alcatraz, is recruited to aid a SEAL team with the objective of sneaking in and dispatching Hummel and his men. Bomb defusing expert and chemical weapons FBI agent Dr. Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) must also accompany the incursion, making sure the deadly gas is neutralized before it can be dispersed over San Francisco Bay. Sure enough, nothing goes according to plan, and Mason and Goodspeed are trapped in Alcatraz with nothing but their cunning, wits, sarcasm, and an unhinged, murderous renegade marine group orchestrating the deaths of thousands.
Bay’s recognizable style of going way overboard to make each scene more intense and infinitely cooler has the tendency to ruin the moment. Extraneous slow motion, car chases that don’t influence the plot, action sequences for the sake of action, and dialogue that feels snatched right from the final moments between James Bond and a peculiar thug are all signature elements for Bay. The camera also likes to rotate around the characters (like The Matrix) and generic patriotic conversations coupled with national security warnings frequently accompany the plot.
Cage may not have much to work with due to the script, but Connery and Harris are decent in just about anything. The background music is rousing, there’s a mine cart chase sequence (ala Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) and an atropine injection to the heart (think Pulp Fiction). While the ending is much too goofy, the film succeeds at being an entertaining actioner, keeping up the suspense and alternating the explosions and comedy banter between the leads - which is more than can be said about Bay’s other more melodramatic, calamitous world-crisis works.
- Mike Massie [sumber dari mr google]

weekend ni adalah weekend menonton tv. dah lama rasanya tak lepak, bermalas-malas di sofa dan sambil watch tv. 1st movie THE ROCK at Channel 710. Terus jatuh cintan ngan hero tua yang encem 'sean connery'. hehehe. bagi sesiapa yang tak tahu movie 'the rock' ni boleh la baca sinopsis di atas ya. siap buat research bagai. hehehehe. walaupun movie ni dah lama kan. walaupun i baru nak tengokkan. hahaha dah basi. but for me its all new. new movie. ada aku kesah. ikut suka la. malam sambung dinner. then sambung pulak dengan buletin utama at TV3. 2nd drama 'cinta jangan pergi' lakonan Tiz Zaqyah and Remy Ishak di Saluran 119. Sambil2 dengan tu tukar2 channel nengok drama lakonan arwah Faizal Yusop 'Ayam Kurma Acar Buah pulak di Saluran 105'. Suka sangat dengan lakonan arwah. al-fatihah buat arwah. semoga arwah tenang di sana. Then last sekarang tengah nonton "Anugerah Blockbuster II' at Astro 104. Layannnnnn, pasni nak titun, selamat nonton. Camni lah gaya orang jarang tengok tv macam mamalove ni ya. semua nak tengok. eh eh tetiba nampak Neelofa dok sebelah Hans Isaac. kantoi sudah. dah nak sambung nengok tv balik. bye daaa.cauuuuuu.

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