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Hope you all will enjoy reading my BLOG yang tak seberapa ni, Baru nak belajar2 buat BLOG sendiri sebagai mengisi masa lapang yang banyak berlalu dengan tanpa berbuat apa2. Hope you guys sudi2 kan lah menjenguk jenguk my BLOG ya. Tak da apa2 sebenarnya pun, but its ALL ABOUT MY FAMILY AND ANGELS of mine [Afiq,Damia,Dina] MASSAGE TO MY ANGELS...... You all are everything for MAMA [be a good kids] and [jadilah anak2 yang soleh dan solehah], berguna pada agama, bangsa, negara [be somebody for your own good]dan jauhilah diri dari perkara2 yg tidak baik ya sayang, itu saja yg MAMA pinta [tak lebih dari itu]. Buat yang TERBAIK utk MAMA ok]. And I promise to give the best for you all.....Mama SAYANG all of you. Please promise me that all of you will be a good kids....:D...Don't be naughty...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ye la LAKI korang MALAIKAT... :(

A good wife does not publicly bash or speak ill of her husband in public. While one might think they are gaining sympathy or making a point known about their spouse, in reality a woman is only showing us a side to her character that no man would love. He cannot be sweet with his wife if she is so quick to dishonor him in public. If he is so bad, then honorably let the man go to marry another woman who is more suitable. Otherwise, speak honorably or do not speak at all, for backbiting about your husband with no real intention to seek help, guidance, or benefit is a grave sin indeed. May Allah guide us and forgive us our sins.

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